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Ear Candling

The Ear Candles have a purely physical effect. A light under pressure (stack effect) and the vibration waves of the air in the candle, which are caused by the movement of the flame, create a gentle massage for the ear drum.

This leads to an intensive feeling of pleasant warmth and a "liberating" balancing of pressure in the ear, forehead and sinuses.

Directly after the treatment, this physical effect is often described subjectively as a feel-good, pressure and pain-soothing sensation, mainly in the area around the ear and in the head. It can also lead to a clearing of the nasal passages and to an improved sense of smell, especially where people had a blocked nose before the treatment.

In addition, the whole ceremony leads to a wonderful sense of relaxation. A deep feeling of security and happiness, which is rare to find!


Jareth Mercicea

Excellent Massage Therapist! Felt very comfortable and enjoyed a professional experience. Even got an extra 10 minutes!

Robert Murdoch

Both myself and my partner have been attending all coast massage now for a few years .. we have found scott and the team very friendly and professional


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